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Welcome to my Larder

delivering the food you desire, with passion

A Chef's Larder is the place where all the staples are stored.


This larder, my virtual larder, is where I will share the things that inspire me in the hope that you will grow to love food as much as I do.


If you would like to discuss anything raised here please call me, Ali, on 07739 573 973 or use the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is one of my favourite ingredients

I have a client who likes her own, individual salad… I used to provide her with a decanted pot of dressing, to add to her liking, but was never happy with how it looked. Then, with more and more clients discovering they are gluten-intolerant, the individual salad became more popular.

I spent a lot of time researching within the UK for individual servings of salad dressings. I attended food fairs looking for something that would suit my needs..

I even waited for a French woman to finish her salad at Renne airport, before pouncing on her to ask – in appalling French – whether I could have her empty bottle, so that I could find out where they came from!

Eventually I had the name of a producer…A L’Olivier. I thought I’d struck gold, only to find they only sold them in huge, wholesale quantities.

Finally, I did find somewhere who would sell me them in more realistic quantities… and now my salads look perfect!

And I’m willing to share my new found salad dressing pots.

They come in boxes of 12 x 20ml. There are 3 flavours: Balsamic, Basil, Lemon, each bottle is just enough for an individual salad. Perfect for packed lunches, or as a gift for the foodie in your life.

I have since found that they are sold on Amazon at £38… but I am selling them for just £10 [+ P&P]

I'll be adding more - come back soon

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