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A fresh take on inflight catering

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Making people happy with food...

That's what I set out to do back at the turn of the century (I know, sounds terrible doesn't it?) and I'm pleased to say that it seems to have worked with my business going from strength to strength.

My name is Ali, the founder of ACK Inflight Catering. As a rule we do not provide set menus as we believe that you know best what you would like to enjoy on board. However we have provided some suggestions below should you need a little inspiration and are more than happy to discuss regional variations and accommodate any dietary requirements.


I hope that you enjoy what you see and look forward to hearing from you if we can be of service.


I called Ali with a private jet catering order. She did a fantastic job! Everything was very fresh and beautifully presented.


Ali also did a wonderful job with the particular packaging that was required and delivered on time. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and hope to return soon so that I can call Ali again!

Carla G., CFA

Canapé suggestions

   Scottish oak smoked salmon with fresh Somerset cream on a freshly baked blini garnished with a sprig of vibrant dill

   Locally sourced smoked trout pate piped into hand carved cucumber cups topped with fresh dill

   North African Medjool dates filled with locally sourced goats' cheese and a hearty slice of Spanish chorizo


   Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini marinated in olive oil & lemon juice, served with sun-dried tomato & fresh basil


   Tangy Thai King Prawn skewers marinated in garlic, ginger, chilli & fish sauce


   Chicken breast skewers marinated with lemon grass, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric & coriander served with a satay sauce 


   Classic Parma Ham wrapped around a Galia Melon cube


   Mangetout-wrapped Prawns Skewers served with and a fresh lemon mayonnaise


   Hard boiled Clarence Court Quail's eggs served on a bed of rock salt

If you have other suggestions or fresh ideas you would like to try please do let me know and we'll give them a go!

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Main Courses

Main Course Suggestions

Fish Dish Suggestions

   Salmon en papillote - Salmon Steak steamed with ginger, chilli & garlic served in its own silver foil package

   Grilled Sea Bass - Line caught, pan seared and served on a carbohydrate of your choice 


   Tuna Steak - Freshly seared and served with a fresh, spicy salsa comprised of avocado, black-eyes beans,
mango, tomato & coriander


   Homemade Fish Pie - A hearty mix of white fish & smoked fish in a rich herb cream sauce. Topped with
creamy mashed potato [with or without hard boiled eggs]


   Spiced Prawn Curry - Jumbo prawns, cooked in a rich tomato sauce, with coriander, cumin, ginger, turmeric and chilli

Poultry Dish Suggestions

   Tarragon Chicken - Free Range Chicken Breasts cooked in a silky tarragon sauce

   Chicken & Chorizo - Chicken thighs and chorizo, cooked with basil in a rich, vine fresh, cherry tomato sauce

   Chef's own Coq au Vin - Free Range Chicken thighs & drumsticks, slow cooked with shallots, mushrooms &  red wine

   Chef's own Chicken Kiev - Free Range Chicken breast with a rich garlic butter filling

   Duck Breast - Grilled or Pan fried and served with a tangy red currant sauce and sides of your liking

Meat Dish Suggestions

   Sirloin Steak - Pan seared to your liking. Sauces on request


   Spicy Lamb Chops  - Marinated in chilli & thyme ideally with crispy smashed new potatoes


   Chef's own Steak Pie - Slow cooked braising steak, in a red wine & mushroom sauce. Topped with delicious (even if I say so myself) puffed pastry

   Speckie's* Cottage Pie - Somerset beef steak cooked with cannellini beans, onion, carrots, celery and mushrooms. Topped with creamy mashed potato. *My mother's own recipe

   Venison Ragù - A hearty dish with Piccolo cherry tomato and rosemary ragù served with grilled polenta

If you have other suggestions or fresh ideas you would like to try please do let me know and we'll give them a go!

Sweet Treats_edited.jpg

Dessert Suggestions

   Cheese selection - Variety of Local Cheeses, including Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Brie, Goat's Cheese, Stilton and or a selection of national and international favourites

   Chef's own Chocolate mousse - Made to order using the finest ingredients and topped with a seasonal fruit

   Meringue kisses - Dipped in dark chocolate or served with a homemade forest fruit compote

   Aga baked cakes - Including Lemon Drizzle, Spanish Orange and Classic Chocolate 


   Petit Fours - A fine selection of bite size morsels to satisfy your desire for a sweet treat, or two... or three ;-)


   Cheesecake - New York, is there any other?


The list could go on! If you have other suggestions please do let me know and we'll get cooking!


Platter Suggestions

 Cheese Platter Suggestions


   Somerset Cheese Platter - Locally sourced cheeses served with a selection of complimentary sides

   International Cheese Platter - Internationally revered cheeses served with sun dried tomatoes and a selection of grapes and walnuts

Fish Platter Suggestions

   Smoked Fish Platter - Scottish Smoked Salmon, locally sourced Smoked Trout Pate, Crème Fraiche, toasted Blinis, Lemon & Watercress

   Smoked Salmon Platter - Scottish Smoked Salmon, toasted Blinis, crème fraiche, muslin-wrapped Lemon & Watercress

   Fresh Seafood Platter - Lobster, Dressed Crab, King Prawns, Crayfish Tails, Smoked Salmon Terrine Slices, served with muslin-wrapped Lemon, on a bed of crisp Romaine Lettuce

Meat Platter Suggestions

   Somerset Charcuterie Platter - Locally prepared charcuterie served with a selection of complimentary sides

   International Charcuterie Platter - Prepared with the finest charcuterie and served with sun dried tomatoes, char-grilled artichoke and black olives

   Beef Carpaccio Platter - Fillet steak, seared and then thinly sliced. Served with lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper

   No Pork Platter - With duck breast, Bresaola, locally sourced salmon pate or alternatives to your taste Scottish oak smoked salmon with fresh Somerset cream 

Alternative Platter Suggestions

   Sushi Platter - Fresh Sushi & Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri, Rolls, etc. created locally by a renowned local chef

   Antipasti Platter - Cured meats: Prosciutto, Salamis, Chorizo, Bresaola, with choice of cheeses including Somerset Cheddar, Stilton, Brie, Goats' etc


   Crudité Platter - Cucumber, Carrots, Celery, Red Pepper etc., with a selection of dips including Houmous, Guacamole and cool Salsa



If you have other suggestions or even fresh ideas please do let me know and we'll give them a go!

The food was packaged beautifully and was super happy with the presentation. Passengers loved the food also.


Great portion sizes and also Ali was great at communicating with myself how I would like it served.


Hopefully fly out of Bristol again soon! Thank you Ali 😊

Danielle H., CFA

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