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Our Gallery of Celebratory Cakes

To help inspire your menu selection

Scroll down to view our gallery showing some of the celebratory cakes that I have created over the years.

As a rule I no longer make cakes as the time and effort to make them rarely makes them economic. However, if you fancy something that is a challenge and you are willing to pay a fair price then please call me to discuss. I love a new challenge!



View an example of some my novelty cakes. I really love a creative challenge and I have had quite a few!!



If you are looking for a Birthday treat then you are just one click away from a whole lot of inspiration :-)



Maybe you would like to supplement your sweet options with some alternative bites. I offer a range of bespoke biscuits to suit any occasion.


Cup Cakes

Everybody likes an individual cupcake. Click on the link below to see an example of 20 of those I have made.



It never amazes me how many people want reminding of their age :-)

Click the linkk below to see some of my numbered cakes.

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