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  • Gravity-defying Maltesers cake

    SO last year, I'm told, but I'd never made one, and when a client asked for a chocolate cake ["as much chocolate as you can throw at it"] for her chocolate-loving friend, I asked if I could have a go.

    Thankfully she was up for anything - as long as chocolate was involved.

    This two tier cake features 9" and 7" chocolate sponge, with buttercream [just to give a bit of definition to all the chocolate], homemade ganache, Kit Kats, Maltesers, Chocolate Fingers, Lindor and the odd random Galaxy, plus a bit of crumpled Flake to disguise the rather large board to accommodate spillage of said chocolate.

    I loved making it, and a week on, the 40th Birthday girl is still enjoying it apparently! She wouldn't let anyone cut it at the party. She's not daft.

    Can't wait for the next commission.. what else could be suspended?



  • Possibly the most weird cake request yet...

    Philipa's a lovely lady. And a very proper lady. So, I was very surprised when I got a text asking me to make her a cake in the shape of two heads.. "only from the top of the head down to the bottom of the noses.."

    The reasons for the cake were numerous.. her daughter's just got her PhD, there were birthdays in there, anniversaries, and a move to Switzerland..

    A few photos later - no, I'm not going to show them to you - and I knew what it was I was trying to create! Just a matter of doing it in Madeira cake that was the problem.

    Not sure I'll do another human head cake. I've done one of a dog in the past. There's too much emotion involved. Kyle isn't as bald as he looks in this picture.. or the one I was sent for reference.. in fact in the flesh - as he was when I turned up to deliver - he's got quite a lot of hair. Oops.

    Jess is much prettier than the Madeira and fondant allowed.. but at least I got the colours of the Swiss flag right, right?!

    Onward and upwards, but if all else fails I know I can go for an audition at Madame Toussaud's!



  • Glenis is retiring. "Out of work, her main interest is Smirnoff Vodka", said my client..

    So, after decades with the same firm, on the same calculator.. Glenis is finally off to pastures new.

    I'm told she enjoys the odd glass of Vodka, and was told she also had a great sense of humour.. my favourite kind of commission!

    Thanks to some able art work from my husband, and an edible print, this Vanilla flavoured sponge soon resembled Glenis' trusty Sharp.

    Remember typing HELLO on your calculator at school.. in numbers? Did a bit of that as well!

    There was a miniature of Smirnoff tucked into the receipts just in case the funny side wasn't immediately apparent to Glenis, but I'm told she loved it! Phew..



  • A spiral staircase cake!

    So, turns out my children's old [old, as in ex, rather than old!] teacher, Bridget, has a brother who was to turn 40..

    Her text was hysterical .. "He's called Tom, he's going to be 40, and he's an OCD member of the CID! He's got a one year daughter, called Nancy, and he keeps his shoes on the stairs all the way up to his flat." Anything you can make of that would be great!

    I did get Bridge to send me a picture of her brother's stairwell, but after many thoughts I just couldn't imagine it looking like something you'd want to eat, so I decided to go spiral.

    Research on the Internet resulted in a very weird pie chart which did my head in, and I resorted to slicing a lemon to see how many layers of cake I'd need. Turns out the answer is 29 pieces of pie, which ended up being three and a half layers of Victoria sponge, or put another way, two 8" Victoria Sponges [made of two layers each].

    Then it's just a matter of taking a slice out of the first round, two out of the second, three from the third etc... I put a dowell in each step hoping to avert collapsing stairs.

    They have a rickety wooden child gate at the top, so I made that out of lollipop sticks, but left it for Bridge to decide whether to put it on or not. Don't know much about OCD, but thought he might be not like the idea of a stick going into his cake.

    He does own a pair of Converse - doesn't everyone?! - so I made some of those. He didn't have any flipflops on his stairs, or blue slippers, but there are only so many pairs of CID-suitable shoes you can look at on a cake, and he will be needing those slippers soon...

    Apparently he was chuffed to bits with the cake, as was Bridget. A link to her testimonial is below... lovely to hear from my clients on how the cakes are received - makes it all worth while. Phoned Ali...



  • A Mulberry Mini Alexa Bag...made of cake

    Ahh, I do love a bit of quid pro quo.

    Here is a cake made to look like a Mulberry Mini Alexa Bag. How much do you think it would cost you?

    Well, in this case, a full body massage.

    The cake is for the daughter of the local masseuse - always a good person to know - and it's a case of 'you rub my back, I'll make your daughter's 17th birthday cake'!

    Sometimes it's not about the money, money, money...it's all about the bargaining power of cake.

    Let me make your cake!

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